Rain is beauty in droplets of water, reminding me to breathe. Rain is a steady touch of coolness, in-spite of life’s great heat. Rain is magic sprinkles, falling all around me. Rain comes in, I close my eyes peace once again has found me.

Garden Of Dreams


 I prepared the ground and soil

To plant a wonderful garden you see

Not of vegetables, flowers or plants

But a beautiful garden of dreams


Each day I’m sure to water

The seeds deep in my ground

Of taking chances, adventures

And new opportunities found


Then finally at the appointed season

The hardest work will end

And I will reap the harvest

Where living the dream begins

The words of a picture



He sits quietly on a park bench

Adjusting his view of the world

His dreams trying to clench

The struggle around which his thoughts swirled


He’s always looking for purpose

A place to call his own

Some days he thinks he finds it

Others he spends alone


Each morning he walks a new path

Taking chances with each breath

He opens each door with caution

To avoid inspirations death 

Pile Of Books




A standing tree lifted high

I see each day as I pass by


Every summer giving shade

Every fall colored leaves fade


Rings inside with stories to tell

How this tree stood while others fell


Winter branches empty and still

Spring branches waiting for birds to fill


A standing tree lifted high

Has become a friend as I pass by




I stare out into the deep blue sea

A mirror looking back at me


Reality in all its truth

Is looking from reflections booth


Drummers drumming out of beat

Trying hard can’t find my feet


Walls reflection as I pass

Hear the falling sand of  hours glass


Thunder Rumbles, clouds roll by

Wondering why I all but die


Raging emotions cut too deep

Promises never meant to keep


Passing mirror myself I see

Backwards reflection of who I can be


Stage is set won’t be long now,

Curtains up take a bow


Mirror of me disappears

True image is left minus the fears

Somewhere Over The Ocean


Somewhere over the ocean

My heart found its home

Over the waves of Blue and Green

on smoothed out rounded stone


Somewhere over the ocean

I found the missing piece 

I was unable to see it until now

For it was hidden by the sea

Somewhere over the ocean

My eyes were opened wide

All my fears were washed away

All my dreams washed in with the tide

One Step


Someone somewhere had to be first

First to break the mold, change the path, break the curse

Someone, somewhere had to be the change

To change the people's hate filled minds

to love, to forgiveness, to grace

Someone, sometime had to say enough

Enough of the closed minded thinking

Give acceptance, compassion, be love